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Extreme weather events are on the increase. What kind of damage are they causing to your roof?

While it’s always difficult to make predictions, recent weather patterns suggest that extreme weather patterns are on the increase in the Annapolis area and Maryland. This year alone, Anne Arundel County alone has experienced seven severe hailstorms. Chances are

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8 things to expect from a roofer that have nothing to do with your new roof

1. A permanent address  Google your roofer before you hire them. If there’s a local physical address and a building, odds are they’re reputable. If they show up in an old truck shoddily dressed with out-of-town plates, beware! They

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We’re not in the roof repair business.

At NDG we don’t replace shingles, we install roofing systems. If one area of the roof is damaged or leaks, the entire system is compromised. Repairing a damaged roof is no guarantee that it won’t leak. We don’t take on any work we can’t guarantee.

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